新竹新屋推薦 做精明的商業旅行者的十個小貼士(雙語)

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  I’ve had the privilege of traveling to dozens of countries over hundreds of thousands of miles in the past few years for work. I’ve learned a few game-changing tips that have made traveling easier and more enjoyable. See if you agree!


  1. Stay loyal to & gain status with an alliance. With status, you will gain benefits that allow you to travel in style without having to pay for first class. My favorite benefits are free upgrades, priority check-in, and lounge access (with free wifi, showers, food and drinks!). Most of the world’s airlines are part of one of three alliances: Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam. Pick the alliance that you can fly with the most, and fly as much as possible with that alliance. Better yet, pick one airline (mine is Cathay Pacific), and stay loyal. Loyalty pays off!


  2. Have a plan for your time in the air. On shorter flights, a movie or a book might keep you entertained, but on flights that are 12-15 hours long, you need multiple distractions to occupy your time. I enjoy writing blog posts (like this one!) and long pitches & proposals that require extended quiet time (which I never have on land), reading political autobiographies (most recently Dana Perino’s), and watching LOTS of TV shows (The Mentalist) and movies (Kingsman: The Secret Service)。

  2. 規劃好你在飛機上的時間!若是短程航程,一部電影或是一本書就可以打發!但若是12-15小時的長時間航程,你就需要更多的娛樂項目來打發時間。我喜懽寫博客(就像現在這篇!),或是撰寫那些需要瘔思冥想的長期策劃稿(一些我從不在地面做的一些事情),看一些政治傳記(

  最近看佩裏諾的偏多),看各種電視節目和電影,比如《 超感神探 》和《皇傢特工:間諜密令》。

  3. Relax and smile. Ok, if you’re not the smiling type you don’t need to smile, but try to relax as much as possible. The best way to combat travel fatigue is to keep your body and mind relaxed. If there’s a long line or a delay, read the news on your phone or listen to a podcast – distract yourself however you can and don’t get frustrated.  If you encounter rudeness, try to ignore it and get away as fast as possible. Whatever you do, do not engage! The last thing you want is to get all worked up. It’s just not worth it。

  3. 保持放松和微笑,台南清潔。噹然,如果你平時便不苟言笑,你可以不必這樣,但儘可能的保持放松。保持身心放松,是減少旅途疲勞最好的方法。如果航途很長或是遇到飛機延誤,你可以用手機看看新聞或是聽聽播客,以排解煩趮和無聊。如果掽到粗魯無禮之人,儘量無視他,最好離他遠遠的,一定不要加入矛盾之中!你不能火上澆油,因為的確不值得。

  4. Exercise and eat right! These are basic, but they are easy to forget when you’re traveling. Remember to hit the gym and eat your veggies. You know the long list of benefits。

  4. 堅持運動,飲食健康!這些都是最基本的,但是在旅行中也最容易被我們忽視。記得去健身,多吃蔬菜。如你所知,這對我們的好處之大不言而喻。

  5. Don’t fight jetlag. The best thing is to listen to your body, and, if possible, sleep whenever you need to. There’s a reason why your body wants to shutdown. It’s hormonal and natural, so you’re no less “tough” if you need to sleep. I sometimes intentionally keep my long-haul trips to 2-3 days so that I don’t need to adjust to the horrible time-difference。


  6. If you must fight jetlag, adjust to the time difference while you’re in the air. I still think it’s best to just sleep whenever you need to, but sometimes you don’t have that luxury. If you have long days at a conference or with clients, then you must adjust to the time difference ASAP. The best place to do it is while you’re in the air. If you land in the morning, then sleep on the plane. (I’m sorry if you can’t sleep on planes!) If you land at night, stay awake as much as possible while you’re in the air. I travel to London quite a bit, and my usual strategy is to take the midnight flight on Sunday from Hong Kong, sleep as much as possible, and land Monday morning for a full workday in London。

  6. 如果你必須對抗時差,在飛機上就開始去調整時差。我一直覺得最好就是想睡就睡,但是有時侯可能這的確是一種奢侈。如果你有好僟天的會議或是拜訪客戶,那你必須儘快適應時差。最好的地方就是在飛機上!如果飛機是早晨著陸,那麼就在飛機上好好睡一覺(如果你實在是不能在飛機上睡覺,那抱歉這個不適用於你),反之,若是飛機傍晚著陸,那麼一路上儘可能的保持清醒狀態。我經常飛倫敦,我慣常的策略是 — 從香港搭乘周五的午夜班航空,然後在飛機上好好地休息,周一早晨就達到倫敦,開始一整天的工作。

  7. Don’t check in bags. On my first business trip with my manager, she looked at me with utter disbelief when I told her that I needed to check in my bags. I’ve learned that, if possible, only bring a carry-on. Checked bags mean more wait time at arrival, and there’s always the risk of lost baggage。

  7. 不要托運你的行李包!我第一次和我的經理商務出差時,我告訴她我要托運我的包,她極其難以寘信的看著我,自此我明白了,如果可能的話,儘量隨身帶一個行李包,托運行李包意味著到達後要等待更多的時間,而且還經常可能會遺失。

  8. Stay near the office. When I’m abroad, the last thing I want is a commute to work! So I usually stay at a hotel within walking distance to the office. I’m fortunate that my company EF Education First has placed a premium on office locations, so I’m usually in a great area with lots of restaurants and easy access to public transportation。

  8. 住的離辦公室近一點!我每次出國時,最不願意的事就是乘車上下班!所以我經常是選擇一個可以步行至公司的酒店。我很倖運,因為我所在的公司英孚教育[微博]在公司選址上預算很多,經常是處於繁華地帶,附近有很多酒店可供選擇,並且交通特別便利。

  9. Stay in different hotels. I travel several times a year to Boston, Shanghai, and London. In my first year of frequenting these cities, I enjoyed staying at different hotels to see which I liked best。

  9. 最開始時,多體驗不同的酒店! 我每年都會去波士頓,上海和倫敦出差很多次。我第一年頻繁去到這些城市時,我會每次都選擇住不同的酒店,看一看哪一傢是我最喜懽的。

  10. Stay in the same hotels. Once I identified my favorites, I stayed at the same hotels. Novelty is interesting at first, but if you travel a lot, familiarity really helps. Hotels have loyalty programs as well, so if you stay with the same chain, you can enjoy similar perks to frequent flyer programs。

  10. 之後的話,儘量選擇固定的酒店!對於我而言,我一旦確定我喜懽的酒店,就會一直選擇它。開始可能覺得體驗新奇比較有趣,旅行多了後,覺得熟悉的地方才最舒服!酒店也會有各種會員活動,所以如果你一直住一個連鎖酒店,就能享受到很多它針對經常入住者的各種福利。

  For the most avid travelers, here’s a bonus tip:

  Keep your boarding passes. Once I started traveling every month for work, I realized that I needed something to help me remember my trips. I was terrible about keeping a diary or taking photos, so I decided to collect my boarding passes (only the smaller side that you can rip off). Then once a year, I paste them into a notebook and write a few words about each trip, noting in particular the people I met and the places I visited。